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Looking For A The Best Cooling System Repair Near Me?

A car’s cooling system transfers the heat emitted by the warm coolant — which travels inside the system — to the air blown by the system’s fan. It’s a heat exchanger that’s usually made of lightweight aluminum.

If your car’s cooling system encounters an issue or stops working, driving wouldn’t be as fun and smooth as usual. If there are signs that your vehicle’s cooling system is wearing out, you can always contact and come to A Auto Care for a cooling system repair.

The Best Cooling System Repair Near Me

How Does a Car’s Cooling System Work?

A cooling system sends liquid coolant all throughout the passages within the engine block and heads. As it flows, it collects the heat from the engine, cooling the engine down. This heated fluid will then move into a rubber hose to the radiator at the front of your car.

As it continues to flow through the thin tubes inside the radiator, this hot liquid will then be cooled by the air stream entering the engine compartment through the grill and the heat will exit through the fan.

Once cooled, it will again flow back to the engine to absorb more heat and repeat the same cycle. There’s also a water pump in a cooling system that keeps the fluid moving.

This coolant generates mineral deposits in the system. As the cooling system ages, these deposits can build-up and obstruct the circulation of the coolant through the system. As a result, this will induce pressure on the entire cooling system and can damage the tubes, water pump, and thermostat.

Fortunately, A Auto Care specialists are all knowledgeable about these problems, and we know just what to do to prevent further damage. Our expert technicians are experienced in dealing with car cooling systems. There’s no need for a “Car Cooling System Repair Near Me” search on the internet! You can contact us or come to us in Sacramento or Rancho Cordova.

Signs That Your Car Needs a Cooling System Repair

If any part of your car’s cooling system starts to fail, your car engine temperature will surely be affected. Here are signs that you need to get a repair service for your car’s cooling system:
  • Engine Discoloration: Once you notice discolored fluid droplets in one area or all over the engine, it may be a result of an antifreeze sprayed on to the hot engine parts. The discoloration is due to the boiling of the liquid which removed the paint in the process and allowed rust to form. 
  • White Exhaust Smoke: If you’ve noticed excessive amounts of white exhaust smoke coming from your car, it might be a sign that the coolant is leaking into the combustion chamber of the car. This is a major car issue that needs immediate action. 
  • Rising Temperature Gauge: This is one of the first things you may notice. Once the dashboard engine temperature gauge rises into the red zone, the cooling system isn’t operating properly. Make sure to pull over and let your car cool down. Contact us for repair assistance. 
  • Leaking Coolant: A puddle of bright green and sweet smelling liquid under your car indicates a coolant leak. Insufficient levels of coolant won’t be able to keep your car cool, which is one of the most common reasons for overheating. You can bring your car to A Auto care and have the leak identified and fixed. 
  • Overheating: The most evident indication of this is steam coming out of your car hood. This means that the car is overheating, and there’s a problem with the cooling system. 
If you notice any of these signs, the only answer is to get a cooling system repair service as soon as possible. If you live in Rancho Cordova or Sacramento, you can come to A Auto Care, or you can contact us if you encounter these issues while on the road.

Signs That Your Car Needs a Cooling System Repair

Our specialists here at A Auto Care offer a wide variety of repair and maintenance services. Our mechanics are skilled and knowledgeable about all automobile repairs, so they can efficiently repair your car’s cooling system.

Here are more reasons to come for us for repairs:

  • Professional and courteous crew
  • Great prices
  • Free visual inspection
  • One year warranty on parts and labor
  • Access to best deals
  • ASE Certification

A Auto Care values quality and integrity, so we offer only high-quality services at affordable prices in Sacramento and Rancho Cordova. It’s our mission to deliver honest, professional, and fair priced services to help you save money. Call us today if you need a service done on your vehicle!

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