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Nissan is known globally for their dependable, stylish, and advanced vehicles. Since a new car is a significant investment to make, most Nissan owners agree that opting for Nissan is one of the best financial decisions they’ve made. However, in order for your Nissan trucks or SUVs to continue serving your needs for the long term, you need to look for a reliable Nissan service center.

This article will aim to introduce one of the leading car manufacturers in the world: Nissan. Read on to know more about Nissan’s rich history and the popular models the company has released recently.

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Brief History of Nissan

You can trace the origins of the name Nissan to back when Yoshisuke Aikawa became the president Nihon Sangyo in 1928. Nihon Sangyo primarily deals with auto parts and foundries. With its success, it then debuted on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 1933 with its ticker name, NISSAN.

In 1958, when Nissan expanded beyond its Japanese roots and reached the U.S.A, the company was officially known as Datsun.


Nissan showcased its 1000 cc truck and car at the 1959 Los Angeles Auto Show. With its rising popularity in the state and to keep up with the global demand, Nissan started production in Mexico in 1966. After Mexico, Nissan’s production now includes Taiwan and Australia. In 1983, the first American factory opened in Smyrna, Tennessee.


During this decade, Nissan sold its one-millionth Datsun, making the company the top vehicle importer in the United States. This is also the reason why this period is considered one of the great decades for the car company.


As the number of models available and the fact that the company has now doubled its sales, one can say that the turn of the century is indeed a good decade for Nissan. Within the span of ten years, the models of Nissan have grown exponentially –– ranging from full-sized trucks, to 21st-century supercars and cars with hybrid technologies.


If the 2000-2009 era isn’t enough to prove Nissan’s commitment to innovation, the company’s introduction of their all-electric Nissan Leaf has helped introduce the age of electric vehicles in the automotive industry.

Popular Nissan Models Today

As briefly discussed above, it seems that there’s no stopping Nissan from expanding its line-up. Currently, their vehicle selections are all considered top-of-the-line when it comes to safety features and the incorporation of the latest connectivity technology.

Here are four popular Nissan trucks and cars available today.


With 236 horsepower, the Nissan Altima can make for a suitable medium-sized car. With its comfortable interior and smooth riding experience, the Altima is perfect for families who love long trips or for someone who commutes daily.


Despite the ever-changing and competitive nature of the car industry, Nissan still manages to be ahead of the game, especially with its Juke. The Nissan Juke is recently the company’s popular small SUV, yet it looks similar to a bold 4×4. With its stand-out styling, as well as decent efficiency and performance, one can say that the Juke is suitable for any preferences. Lastly, the Nissan Juke is also available in both petrol and diesel engines.


In addition to having user-friendly interfaces, superb interior, and plenty of safety features, the Nissan Murano has also been awarded as the best two-row SUV due to its affordability. So, if you’re looking for a great family car, you can never go wrong with this Nissan model.



There are plenty of reasons why the Kicks is considered Nissan’s top contender on the market today. For one, the model has high safety and reliability ratings. Secondly, it has a large cargo capacity and spacious interior –– this subcompact SUV can comfortably accommodate five people with no issues. To drive the point home, the Kicks standard price is just over $18,000, making it relatively affordable compared to its counterparts. 

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