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Getting the right service for your vehicle is very important. After all, a single mistake can lead to thousands of problems. That’s why you need to make sure to choose a car service that can ensure the safety of your vehicle.

If you own a Lexus and are looking forward to getting your vehicle repaired, A Auto Care is the car service provider you are looking for. From getting your car checked, and repairing your brakes to changing your engine light or oil, we will make sure to provide the best services for your Lexus or any other vehicle.

Continue reading to learn more about Lexus and the vehicles we service at A Auto Care.

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A Brief History of Lexus

In 1983, the chairman of the famous car brand Toyota, Eiji Toyota, announced that he would make a challenge to make the world’s best car. After years of experiments and tests, the project which was also known as “F1”, ended in 1989 with the Lexus LS 400. The Lexus LS 400 was praised by many because of its “quietness”, quality engine performance, and fuel economy. Later on, Lexus was launched as Toyota’s luxury brand in the year 1986. Lexus came from the name “Alexis” but it was later changed to Lexus because they don’t want it to be associated with the popular 1980s-character Alexis Carrington from the drama Dynasty. It was also the time when the Lexus slogan “The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection” became known. In its first year of sales in 1990, Lexus successfully sold a total of 63,594 vehicles in the United States alone. And in the year 1991, it ranked the highest in J.D Power along with its associate’s studies on vehicle quality, sales satisfaction, and customer satisfaction.

In the same year, Lexus launched its first-ever sports coupe known as the SC 400, alongside the ES 300 sedan – which later on became Lexus’ best seller. In 1996, Lexus also launched its first sports vehicle called the LX 450. Two years later they also debuted their first luxury-brand crossover SUV, the RX 300. 1999 was also an unforgettable year for Lexus because it was the same year where they recorded their first one-millionth vehicle sold in the United States. However, in 2005, Lexus completed an organizational separation from Toyota with better and more dedicated designs, engineering, manufacturing, and training in their division. Because of its success and the high-quality performance of each Lexus model, it’s no surprise that a lot of people in California drive a Lexus car.

Popular Lexus Models Today

A Auto Care has worked with different types of vehicles in the whole of Sacramento, including the famous brand Lexus. There are many Lexus models today that’s why finding the perfect one that can fit your needs is very important.

The Lexus LS500 is one of the brand’s flagship luxury sedans. It’s also an enhanced version of the first model that was launched by Lexus in the year 1989. If you own an LS that needs repairing, we at A Auto Care can offer you our Lexus Service. Now, if you’re looking for a compact and entry-level sedan, the Lexus IS might be the one for you. Lexus IS stands for “intelligent sport”. On the other hand, for those who are looking for a compact SUV type of vehicle, the Lexus NX might be the one you are looking for. When it comes to reliability and value, the ES series from Lexus is on top of the list. It’s also known as Lexus’ bestselling non-SUV model in the whole of the United States.

Another Lexus model that’s perfect for any average-sized family is the Lexus GX series. It’s a mid-sized SUV with a body-on-frame design and a four-wheel drive with third-row seating perfect for a household with seven to eight members. Lexus RC is by far the most recent Lexus series which was released in 2015. It is a two-door coupe with great and high-quality performance.

In Need of an Auto Repair?

Lexus Repair with A Auto Care

Because of its popularity, Lexus has a wide range of vehicle series, and all of them need proper and extensive car services. That’s why if you need help with your Lexus, no matter which model it is, you can always bring it to us at A Auto Care so we can give it a check and the repair it deserves. We believe that taking care of your car is like taking care of your health.


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