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They say avid car fans must drive an Acura once in their lifetime. As one of the top-rated and resounding names in the luxury car industry, Acura made a statement when it first came out in 1986 as the luxury division of Honda.

Acura models offer an unbeatable driving experience, and that’s why Acura repair and maintenance services are essential to keep your car rolling like new.

At A Auto Care, we provide comprehensive Acura repair and maintenance services for all Acura models. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable mechanics team is dedicated to providing the best possible service for your Acura.

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History of Acura

Whenever you talk about Acura, it’s inevitable to include Honda in the conversation as well. Acura was created in 1986 under Honda’s luxury car division. Honda is well-known for its affordable and durable cars, so it was a natural progression for the company to create a luxury division.

Honda manufacturers believe that they could also compete with the luxury car brands, ergo the birth of Acura. As Honda’s sister brand, Acura became the first Japanese luxury car division to be introduced in North America. This luxury car brand was initially met with skepticism but quickly gained a loyal following.

Today, Acura is one of the most popular luxury car brands in North America. Car models under this famous luxury car brand are known for their excellent performance, stylish design, and exquisite features. Two of the most prominent models developed by Acura are the Acura TL and the Acura MDX. The Acura TL is a midsize luxury sedan, while the Acura MDX is a compact crossover.

Acura Models Today

As today’s market becomes more competitive and progressive, Acura made sure to develop cars that can keep up with the ever-changing trends. Outlined below are the current models manufactured by Acura.

Acura Integra

A subcompact luxury sedan, Acura Integra is heavily based on the eleventh generation of Honda Civic. Integra is one of the first models manufactured by Acura and goes way back to its origins in 1986.

Acura TLX

Another luxury sedan by Acura, this model is derived from the previous best-selling car of Acura, the Acura TL.

Acura MDX

Acura MDX is a 7-seater SUV that offers excellent performance and a comfortable ride. This reputable model ranked next to Lexus RX as the second best-selling midsize luxury car in 2014.

Acura CDX

Acura CDX is one of Acura’s luxury crossover lines. Although the Acura CEO considered marketing the model to the North American audience, this model is explicitly available to the Chinese market at the time this is being written.

Acura RDX

Another notable crossover SUV produced by Acura, this car model is fashioned after the Honda Civic and CR-V.

Acura NSX

Acura NSX is Acura’s flagship sports car. This model is named Acura NSX in North America but is known as Honda NSX throughout the globe.

Why Choose A Auto Care for Acura Service?

A Auto Care is your one-stop shop when it comes to Acura repair and maintenance. Our highly trained and certified mechanics team has years of proficiency in handling luxury brand cars, like Acura.

Our growing list of loyal Acura clients is a testament to our top-notch technical services and customer relations. We always ensure that our clients are given the best possible service when they turn to us for help.

We want nothing but the best for your Acura, and that’s why we only use genuine parts and tools during service. No shortcuts, no second-rate materials. Our team only chooses the best for your car.

A Auto Care is also an excellent choice when it comes to pricing. Our company offers affordable rates without compromising the quality of our services. From a free quote request to the actual car repair, we make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth.

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