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There are a number of different possible causes for a dead battery and alternator issues that may leave you stranded. The most common cause is simply not enough power to start the engine. It could be because of a few things, including the type of battery you have, if it is old or worn out, or if your car needs an alternator repair.

If you have just searched for “alternator repair near me” because your car won’t start, you’ve come to the right place. Whether the battery is drained or the alternator is failing, A Auto Care helps you get the problem resolved efficiently, so you can get back on the road as quickly as possible. We are your trusted alternator-rebuild shop that also provides jumpstart services for your car battery in Sacramento, CA.

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What Causes a Dead Battery?

If your car battery has gone dead, the first step is not to panic or give up. There are various reasons why your car malfunction may be due to the car battery.

You Forgot To Turn Off the Headlights or Running Lights

This one is the easiest to fix. After a jumpstart, run the engine for 20 to 30 minutes to re-energize the battery. Next time, make sure to turn off all lights and accessories that require a power source when leaving your car.

The Battery Is Old or Damaged

A faulty car battery won’t be able to hold a charge that’s strong enough to start the engine. You can spot a faulty car battery when it still dies after getting a jump and starting your car. That signifies the need for a replacement.

The Alternator No Longer Works

Other times, the alternator may be the culprit. If your car engine is slow to start, or the sound or lights won’t turn on completely after a jumpstart, it’s probably due to a failing alternator. A dying battery sometimes causes repeated stress on the alternator. A trusted mechanic can replace the alternator in no time.

Your Battery Has Suffered a Parasitic Drain

In other cases, a parasitic drain happens when your car’s electrical systems draw too much energy from the battery even when the engine’s not running. When your accessories draw power beyond the normal range, it shortens your car battery’s lifespan. An automotive expert can use a multimeter to effectively diagnose this problem.

What Issues Affect the Alternator?

The purpose of your car’s alternator is to generate enough electricity to power all your vehicle’s main components, including its battery. It converts your car’s mechanical energy into an electrical charge. There are some reasons why an alternator sometimes fails.

It’s Past its Lifespan

This one is one of the most obvious reasons why an alternator stops working. The normal lifespan of an alternator is anywhere between five to eight years. Make sure to replace your alternator once it’s worn out.

Computer Issues

This applies to newer car models with built-in computer systems. The computer manages all the components, including the alternator. This can easily stop the alternator from creating a charge properly.

Wiring Problems

It’s not just the alternator that’s responsible for delivering the charge to the vehicle and its components — the wiring system is important as well. Damaged wires can prevent an alternator from doing its job, stopping the battery from getting charged.

Bad Fuse

A car has fuses that keep the alternator healthy. Sometimes, a fuse may blow out unexpectedly, or a power surge may damage the alternator fuse completely. Without a working fuse, the alternator will not be able to charge the car battery properly.

Broken Belt and Pulley

An alternator relies on mechanical power to create electrical power, thanks to its belt and pulley. If these parts are not very durable, they can start to crack and break over time. When this happens, it will be impossible for the alternator to generate electricity.

How To Tell If Your Battery or Alternator Needs Replacing

At A Auto Repair, our automotive experts can easily fix dead car battery problems and alternator issues. We understand the urgency of being stuck on the side of the road, without a clue how to get your car to start running again. That is why we waste no time identifying all the right signs with our professional approach the moment you seek our assistance.

Troubleshooting Questions

  • Are the lights malfunctioning? 
  • Do your accessories fail to turn on? 
  • Is there a burning plastic smell coming from your car? 

These are only some of the troubleshooting questions we ask beforehand to ensure that we’re taking our auto-electrical service in the right direction.

Battery Replacement Diagnosis

To establish if your car battery needs a replacement, our professional mechanics can quickly identify if there’s a faulty connection due to an obstruction in the terminal posts or loose screws, a corrosion build-up that’s weakening the transfer of power, or a vehicle’s lack of use. These things all can signify that your battery is dead, and you need to replace it right away. 

Alternator Replacement Test

To determine if it’s the alternator that needs replacing, our experts will identify if your car has been consistently experiencing power loss with lights dimming or the radio not working. They will know without a doubt that there’s an alternator failure if your car is running on low battery power, as indicated by the warning light. They check the auxiliary parts thoroughly to see if anything is damaged to prevent an unnecessary alternator repair cost.

Expert Services for Alternator Repair and Car Battery in Sacramento

If your vehicle isn’t starting, it may be time to consider a repair or replacement for your battery or alternator. Fortunately, you’re not alone in identifying which is which. 

If you are looking for an auto shop in Sacramento, CA that offers expert services for alternator repair and car battery replacement, turn to A Auto Care. We will come to you and offer professional assistance with all your automotive needs. 

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