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Radiator Repair Near Me

California is well known for its beautiful beaches, unique forests, and extreme heat under a brilliant sun. No matter if you are driving in the relaxing mountains of Lake Tahoe, the winding PCH near Monterey, or the high traffic highways of the Southern Valley, you run the risk of your car overheating and getting stranded on the side of the road.
Your car stays cool because of a specially designed engine cooling system that includes a radiator. Coolant fluid is pumped around your engine to lower the heat of combustion and operation. That coolant moves in lines that go through the radiator. There are thin metal fins that release the heat from the coolant to the outside air and then return the fluid back to the engine to cool it down. If the radiator isn’t working correctly, there is no way to keep your engine cool, and so it overheats.
Finding a quality service to help in this situation takes more than searching Google. Unfortunately, some less reputable shops will take advantage of your bad luck and jack up their prices. That is why having a reliable service center around Sacramento that you have worked with in the past is essential.

Radiator Repair Shop Near Me

A Auto Care is proud to serve the greater Sacramento area for all vehicle service needs, including radiator repair. We are an expert team of technicians that can diagnose your problems and understand the danger a broken radiator poses, especially in California.
There are a few things to keep in mind when bringing your vehicle in for a radiator repair. We do everything we can to lower your costs while still getting the best quality solution. Typically we see radiators that need a coolant flush. This is when corrosion and buildup inside the cooling system need to be washout out and new fluid put in. This kind of repair can run from $90-$150, depending on your vehicle’s make.
We also see a lot of radiator repairs. Sometimes this can be as small as a leak which can be as low as $100 or up to $300 depending on labor to remove the radiator while the job is done. If we have to send your radiator to a specialist, that will run a little extra.
If your radiator is clearly in need of replacing, that will range from $400-$800 depending on the cost of parts and labor required. Keep in mind that when a radiator goes, secondary parts like gaskets also need repairing for the cooling system to work properly again.

What to Look Out for When Driving

The best solution would be to avoid the problem altogether. If you think your car is experiencing overheating issues, bring it in earlier than later. The faster our expert team at A Auto Care can address the problem, the lower the repair costs tend to be for you.
There are a few things you can watch out for in your car regarding radiator issues.

Leaking Coolant

Always keep a close eye on any fluid leaking from your car. Of course, we know Sacramento means running your AC a bit, but we’re not talking about the usual water runoff. Radiator fluid tends to be green in color and will come from the front of the car. If you see a puddle like this, you should give us a call immediately.


The most reliable indication you have a cooling system and possible radiator problems is your car overheating. If you are driving and see your temperature spiking or slight smoke coming from your hood, pull over immediately and turn off your engine. You do not want to keep driving and cause more damage to your car.

No Heat

If you are trying to keep your car’s interior hot on a cold day and it isn’t working, odds are your radiator needs a repair. This is because your heating system uses the hot engine coolant to warm up your car.

Quality Radiator Service in Sacramento

Whatever the reason for your concern, we want you to come in and have our expert team of mechanics, service staff, and technicians take a look. The best way to keep your repairs low is to attack the issue in the beginning before it can cause more damage.
When you are looking for a radiator repair service shop in Sacramento with a fantastic record, look no further than A Auto Care. We are fully licensed and insured with all the latest equipment and technology to repair your vehicle. We offer professional service with excellent customer service. So reach out today and give us a call. We are happy to discuss service and maintenance plans that could help prevent any future problems so you can get back to enjoying the California roads.