Complete Brake Service



We provide major and minor brake repair on all foreign and domestic vehicles.  

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At A Auto Care we understand that your cars brake system is one of the most, if not the most important safety feature.

We take pride in diagnosing your brake troubles, providing you with an accurate account of what needs to be repaired/replaced and getting you back on the road, saving you time and money. 

What does a brake service include?

 Quality brake pad replacement

A brake service will involve a extensive and complete inspection on all the moving parts that work together to bring your car or truck to a stop. The typical brake service includes:

  • Full brake system inspection
  • Brake pad or shoe replacement
  • Resurfacing/replacement of drums or rotors.
  • Adjust, clean and lube bracket slides
  • Bleeding of brake lines
  • Adjust parking brake

What does a brake service inspection include?
Quality brake repair in Sacramento

Are your brakes grinding, squeaking or vibrating? To locate the issue the vehicles wheels must be removed and/or the car placed on a lift to better investigate. To verify the root cause of your brake issue we perform a thorough brake system evaluation which includes:

  • Check of brake fluid level & condition
  • Inspection of brake pads, rotors & calipers
  • Inspection of drum brake components
  • Check codes/service light diagnostic
  • Parking brake
  • Wheel bearings and seals
  • Test drive to help identify brake issue

Once the inspection has been completed, service technician will have a better idea of what needs to be replaced and what issues are preventing your brakes from functioning properly.

How do you know when your brakes are bad?

Your car brakes help safely avoid accidents with other objects or vehicles on the road making them critical to keep in good working condition. Although we recommend checking your brakes at least once a year, the following symptoms may indicate there is an issue with your brakes worthy of immediate inspection:

  • Brake light on
  • Grinding, squeaking or squealing brakes
  • Vibration, wobbling, shaking 
  • Brake pedal feels spongy
  • Shaking steering wheel
  • Leaking fluid
  • Burning smell
  • Car pulling to on side
  • Slow stopping response

If your car is experiencing any of the above, bring your car in for a free brake check. 

What parts wear on a car brake system?

The brake system in your car or truck is comprised of many components that wear including, brake pads and rotors, drum shoes, cylinders and brake fluid. These items wear with each mile you drive and will need regular inspection, maintenance and replacement.

 Car brake pad new and used

Left: New brake pad. Right: worn down brake pad.

brake rotor resurfacing

 Left: Re-surfaced disc brake rotor. Right: Used worn disc brake rotor.


Call today to schedule an appointment for a brake inspection or service. At A Auto Care we service all vehicle makes and models including cars, trucks and SUVs. We proudly service Rancho Cordova and all surrounding Sacramento areas. 916-638-2700