A/C SERVICE SPECIAL $49.95 ($150 value)



Don't get caught this summer in a hot car. Make sure your air conditioning is in top running condition with our great AC inspection service special. Call today to schedule a FREE visual inspection 916-638-2700

The AC Inspection Includes:

  1. Check A/C Pressures: Inspect and check your high and low pressures
  2. Clean Condenser: We clean your condenser so it can radiate heat effectively. Many customers have this component clogged with dirt & debris.
  3. Check hoses & O-rings: We check your A/C lines and make sure they are not leaking at the o-ring connections.
  4. Check fan: Your electric or mechanical fan is important in preventing your AC system from overheating. We verify your fan is working properly.
  5. Install 1/2 pound of freon: In the event your A/C system is low we will install up to a 1/2 pound of freon/refrigerant to make your A/C ice cold.

$49.95 ($150 value) Tax & shop supplies not Included (additional cost if system completely empty)