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If you’re looking for a top-notch oil change in Rancho Cordova, you’ve found the right place! At A Auto Care, we offer quality oil change services designed to not only keep your engine clean but also ensure a longer engine life and better performance.

Call us today, and give your precious vehicle apremium oil change!

Oil Change Service Near Me

Why You Should Get an Oil Change

Apart from keeping your engine clean, this practice also increases its efficiency. As oil moves into your engine, it accumulates dirt, creating a sludge. You’ll notice a reduced performance if you fail to have the oil changed regularly.

If the engine runs well with new and dirt-free oil, it offers the best mileage as you travel, which also means that getting an oil change is cost-efficient. Meanwhile, if you have dirty engine oil, you’ll have to face boosted friction and wear-and-tear sooner than expected. With a reliable oil change in Sacramento through A Auto Care, you can ensure a clean engine running at maximum performance.

Regular oil changes also let you experience a hassle-free emissions test. With an engine that runs smoothly, offering excellent mileage, you won’t worry about failing the emissions test.

There are several factors that indicate when it’s time to change your oil. Common signs include dark and dirty oil, engine noise, and oil smells inside your vehicle. The most obvious sign, however, is when your oil change warning keeps lighting up. If you’ve got all or most of these signs, then contact our friendly professionals at A Auto Care, and we’ll fix the problem for you!

An oil change is recommended every 5,000 to 7,000 miles or depending on the period indicated in the manual.

Superior Oil Change in Rancho Cordova

At A Auto Care, we provide trusted oil changes in Rancho Cordova through a consistent and thorough process. This ensures that your engine lasts for several years while getting the most bang for your buck.

Our expert technicians will change dirty oil with a synthetic blend. Then, we’ll check and replace your filter if needed. Besides the oil and filter change, your vehicle will receive other inspections and checkups.

We’ll inspect your car’s engine and transmission for leaks and guarantee that everything is clean and in order. So, you won’t face overheating and other mechanical issues. We’ll check if the battery is still good or needs replacement to avoid getting stuck on the road with a dead car.

Then, our well-trained technicians will complete belts and hoses checks too for any damage and necessary adjustments. The engine coolant check ensures that your vehicle’s temperature levels remain ideal.

With our air filter check, you can tell whether it efficiently serves its role of keeping dust and dirt away from the engine. Meanwhile, we perform an in-cabin air filter check to help you and other passengers of the vehicle breathe well and safely inside.

An oil change in Rancho Cordova also includes washer fluid check, vehicle safety check (wipers, tires, engine lights), and suspension, steering, and undercarriage.

Why Trust A Auto Care for an Oil Change in Sacramento

There may be several options when it comes to an oil change in Sacramento. However, we stand out by providing unparalleled automotive care and repair in Rancho Cordova, California. For over 35 years, we’ve satisfied the different car repair and maintenance needs of our clients.

No matter how small or big the issue is, we consistently provide the same quality service, including oil change in Rancho Cordova. All of our talented technicians have ASE certifications. We utilize OEM-level equipment to deliver maximum performance.

Apart from offering top-grade oil change services, A Auto Care lets you enjoy family-friendly rates. We even provide a free visual inspection!

For used engines and transmissions, exciting deals are also waiting for you. As a family-owned and trusted local automotive care company, we have the necessary skills and expertise to address all your needs for your vehicle.

Apart from our oil change special, we offer an auto AC repair special, car maintenance or checkup special, and brake repair special. You can rely on us for different auto repair services too, including engine repair, radiator repair, head gasket repair, transmission repair, muffler repair, and more.

Regardless of the car repair or maintenance service you need, we show the same professionalism, integrity, and honesty at A Auto Care.

Receive the Best Oil Change Service Today

From a cleaner engine to increased performance to longer engine life, getting a routine oil change is vital. However, you need a reputable company like A Auto Care to maximize these advantages while saving money in the long run. Contact us today to get the best oil change in Rancho Cordova!

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