Fuel Pump Replacement

Many parts come together to make your car operational. Some are more essential than others, and one of the most vital ones is the fuel pump. This little electronic component is necessary for every make and model. When it starts to fail, you’ll immediately know that something’s wrong.

A broken fuel pump needs immediate replacement. When this happens, your best bet is a trusted company like A Auto Care. They’ve shared some information about fuel pumps so you’ll have an idea next time you need it replaced. Read on!

What Is a Fuel Pump? How It Works

Cars burn fuel and gas to work, and that fuel needs to be brought to the engine for combustion. This is the purpose of the fuel pump; it draws gas in controlled quantities and pressure and transports them to the engine. They come in two types: electronic and mechanical fuel pumps. Even though their mechanics are slightly different, both operate using a diaphragm-lever arrangement.

Electronic fuel pumps are usually located inside the fuel tank itself. Gasoline enters the chamber thanks to a solenoid that attracts the diaphragm. If the pump draws excess liquid, a pressure regulator will return the extra gas to conserve it. The rest is directed to the engine, which combusts with the air. In today’s fuel pumps, you can expect around 30-60 lbs of pressure, which is close to household plumbing.

On the other hand, a mechanical fuel pump uses a camshaft instead of a solenoid. It pushes a lever connected to a diaphragm. When it moves, gasoline goes into the chamber thanks to the suction force. When the camshaft rotates and returns the lever to its original position, the diaphragm relaxes and no longer draws any liquid. Thanks to this design, the fuel can only travel one way — towards the carburetor. This adjusts the amount of air and fuel that combusts.

Signs That You Need a Fuel Pump Replacement

Now that you know how a fuel pump works, you may also want to learn about the various signs of possible failure. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to make better decisions before it’s too late. You’ll save money, time, and possibly even lives if you know when to replace your fuel pump. Here are the things you need to watch out for:

Sputtering Engine

Say you’re driving down the road at a constant speed, and suddenly you hear your engine sputtering. In most cases, this is caused by the fuel pump having issues providing the right amount of fuel. This can result from various factors, including a faulty diaphragm or lever.

Difficulty Starting the Vehicle

As long as your ignition is turned on, your fuel pump will be in operation. Because of this, its components can degrade over time. While it can still pump fuel, the pressure might be too weak or inconsistent to sustain combustion. This scenario makes it difficult to start the engine, even if the fuel is warmed up.

High-Pitched Noise From the Fuel Tank

If you’re hearing a constant whining noise, it may be caused by a faulty fuel pump. Wear and tear is normal for this component, but it will reach a point when significant damage results in components grinding, producing the sound. This usually precedes a mechanical failure. In other cases, contaminants can cause this issue.

Car Wouldn’t Start

Since the fuel pump moves the gas from the tank to the engine, a broken one would result in a car that won’t start. When your vehicle refuses to operate, this might be the culprit. It might not be totally damaged and can still draw a bit of gas, but it won’t be enough for sustained combustion.

When you experience these issues, you may search for a “fuel pump replacement service near me.” Your local mechanic will be familiar with this service. If you’re worried about fuel pump replacement costs, the usual range from $100 and $700. Rates are determined by your vehicle’s make and labor.

Work With Experienced Mechanics

Your car’s fuel pump is an important component that draws gas from your tank to your engine. It can be susceptible to damage, so you should watch for signs like sputtering engines and whining noises. When this happens, bring your car to a trusted mechanic like A Auto Care. We serve vehicle owners in Rancho Cordova and Sacramento, CA. For more details, contact our shop.

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