Engine Repair

Common Engine Issues and Their Solutions

Your vehicle’s engine is its heartbeat. Take great care of it, and the vehicle will serve you forever. Misuse the engine, and you will be spending most of your weekends at the local mechanic’s shop paying for new gaskets, cylinder rings, or spark plugs. In worst-case scenarios, your entire engine dies and needs replacing. Whether brand new or used, buying a vehicle is a long-term investment. Engine repair is an expensive procedure that ends up negating any gains you’d have wanted in having a vehicle. Here are the five most commonly reported engine repair issues and how you can deal with them.

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Failing to change the oil regularly 

Your vehicle’s engine is comprised of many components. These are constantly rotating, and moving parts require lubrication to delay wear and tear. High engine temperatures cause the lubricants to lose their effectiveness. The unchanged oil also leads to carbon sludge in the engine. These issues necessitate the need for urgent engine repair and servicing, and this costs money. Therefore, you must change the lubricant regularly to extend the life of your engine.  

Having insufficient oil levels 

Auto owners should always keep tabs on the oil levels. Waiting too long to replace the oil causes significant engine damage. The engine burns up over time, and it should be refilled periodically. Mechanics advise you to change the engine oil at least once a month. It is a short procedure that only takes a few minutes at most. If done correctly, an oil change can save you thousands of dollars when it comes time to replace your car’s engine.

Overheating Issues

Coolants are essential components to keep your engine running smoothly for longer. Always ensure your coolant levels are in perfect order. Check the radiator and the coolant overflow reservoir regularly. Never attempt to open the radiator when it is still hot. Call a professional engine repair Sacramento mechanic if you notice that your engine is overheating. 

Using the wrong engine oil 

Nowadays, auto product consumers have many engine oils at their disposal. Some of them are great, while others are not so good. The latest models operate on synthetic engine oil. This option is ideal for new vehicles, not ones with high mileage. Synthetic oil acts as a thinner, and it can very easily cause high-mileage engines to develop leaks or become noisy. Synthetic oil is ideal for low-mileage vehicles driving under extreme conditions such as extended periods and high temperatures. 

Extended Idling 

Vehicles that are often subjected to excessive idling tend to develop engine malfunctions. Idling causes the car to burn more engine oil. The longer it stays in this mode, the more the oil gets depleted. If you are not careful, the oil will destroy your engine. Additionally, this means that you spend more on engine repair and replacement. If you need to park while the car is running, make sure you turn it off and on regularly. This move helps prevent damage to your head gaskets, cylinder rings, and spark plugs. The action also extends the cars of your car’s battery. 

As an auto owner, you must familiarize yourself with all the tell-tale warn engines of your engine’s overall health. Inefficient engines cause pollution and a whole lot of money to repair or replace. Take your vehicle for professional tuning and servicing to ensure high performance. Call us to schedule your small engine repair Sacramento today.

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