The winter & summer season can be hard on your vehicle. Haven’t had your car checked over in a few years. Make sure your car or truck is ready for many more miles. Don’t let an unnoticed leak or damaged part cause expensive repairs, that could be caught now.

With our Checkup Special, be confident your vehicle will continue working flawlessly for years to come. We inspect all the main components of your car to make sure your vehicles integrity is in great running condition, capable and ready to get you were you need to be safely and on time. 

Summer Car Checkup service includes:

  • Check all belts & hoses.
  • Check all vehicle fluids.
  • Check radiator for leaks & clean
  • Check for oil leaks and coolant leaks
  • Check tires, tire pressure & rotate

Price $49.95 ($150 value) Valid towards most vehicles

What does a car checkup help prevent?

  • A neglected cracked belt can break, resulting in loss of engine power, loss of power steering control, loss off alternator power and even overheating of the engine.
  • A neglected hose can explode or leak, resulting in loss of engine coolant (overheat), power steering fluid or brake fluid.
  • A leaking radiator can cause your cars engine to overheat.
  • Leaking engine oil or transmission oil can leave nasty stains on your driveway and more importantly, if neglected, can destroy your cars engine or transmission.
  • Bald tires can burst or leak often times during summer months.
  • Low tire pressure can severely reduce drive ability and miles per gallon.
  • Finding a punctured tire (nail/screw) now can prevent possible blow out tomorrow.

Call today to schedule an appointment for a car check up or other service. At A Auto Care we have the right tools, parts and certified technicians to take care of your car service needs. We proudly service Folsom and all surrounding Sacramento areas. 916-638-2700