Cabin Air Filter Replacement

No matter where you are inside your car, you can still breathe air that is contaminated by contaminants outside. The cabin air filter exists to protect you from this.

A cabin air filter consists of a small, pleated filter made from multi-fiber paper cotton or other engineered materials. This filter is used to direct outside air before it enters your vehicle’s passenger compartment, ensuring that contaminated air is trapped inside the filter and preventing them from entering your vehicle.

Nevertheless, just as with other components of your car, the cabin air filter also wears out over time. So when do you know that you need a cabin air filter replacement?

When Should You Have Them Replaced?

As a component that isn’t visibly seen on your car, the cabin air filter is something many car owners don’t know their car has. For this very reason, it is usually overlooked by owners. A lot of car owners (especially the non-car enthusiasts) brush off the fact that their car can filter out harmful air contaminants and bring in fresher air into the vehicle.

So if you’re wondering how often to change the cabin air filter, the answer is that it is dependent on the make, model, and year of your car. Better yet, check out your owner’s manual to determine the maintenance schedule of your cabin air filters. Generally speaking, most cars have their cabin air filter replaced between every 15,000 to 30,000 miles.

Common Signs That You Need to Replace Them

You may have encountered times when your car’s air conditioning wasn’t functioning as effectively as it used to when you first got it? Therefore, you must be aware of these common signs that you should replace your cabin air filters to keep them in excellent condition.

  • A reduction in or a weakening of airflow, even when the heat or air conditioner is on
  • A whistling sound is heard coming from the air intake ducts in the cabin
  • Odors coming from your vehicle that are musty and unpleasant
  • A loud noise is made when the heating system or cooling system is operating

Following your knowledge of a few of the common symptoms, it’s time to have them replaced by a reputable auto repair shop.

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