Brake Fluid Service

We all know that the brake plays an essential role in giving you a better driving experience. In the braking system, there is one equally important component to keep your brake functioning well. It’s the brake fluid.

You’re wondering what brake fluid is and what its purpose is in the braking system. The brake fluid is a type of hydraulic fluid. All four wheels of your vehicle have brake lines that carry brake fluid. Brake fluid allows the brakes to work when you press on the pedal, allowing your vehicle to slow down and stop.

Most car owners overlook this factor until they experience something wrong with their brakes and eventually have them checked out. Just like any other part of your car, the brake fluid must be tested and flushed during its scheduled maintenance.

Brake Fluid Testing

To determine the condition of the brake fluid additive package, it is necessary to have it tested. When the brake fluid’s copper content is over 200 PPM, the brake fluid’s additive package begins to deplete and corrosion begins to occur at an accelerated rate.

We also test your brake fluid to prevent internal corrosion and other problems such as sludge build-up that could impact the performance of your braking system.

Importance of a Brake Fluid Flush

1. Maintain The Quality Of The Brake Fluid

The brake fluid ages over time of constant use. As a result, it could accumulate contaminants from other parts of the brake system.

Performing a brake fluid flush can help restore the additive package levels, remove contaminants, and improve brake performance. The new brake fluid replaces the bad brake fluid in the master cylinder reservoir.

2. Prevent Moisture Build Up

As many of the brake parts are made of metal, moisture absorbed by the brake fluid can lead to corrosion. If this corrosion occurs, the brakes cannot work properly.

With a brake fluid flush, you replace the moisture-filled brake fluid with fresh brake fluid, preventing corrosion and ensuring the health of other brake components.

Adding clean brake fluid to the braking system can prevent these components from degrading by removing moisture and debris from the system.

Signs That You Need a Brake Fluid Service

1. Leaky Brake Fluid

An immediate brake fluid change is required if you notice a leak in the brake fluid. As a result of brake fluid leaks, the brake line is unable to transmit braking force.

The brake fluid reservoir in your engine bay can be inspected to check the level of your brake fluid. Brake fluid reservoirs are usually located below the engine compartment. If you don’t know where it is, take a look at your owner’s manual.

2. Contaminated Brake Fluid

Brake fluid that is in good condition appears golden, light brown, amber, or clear. It might be time for a brake fluid flush soon enough if the brake fluid is much darker or dirtier.

Various causes of this can be found in brake fluid aging or contamination of the brake lines from rubber, rust, or other debris.

3. Brake Pedal Feels Soft

It’s not unusual to feel spongy brake pedals when you’re applying brakes. When brake fluids are exposed to high temperatures they create water vapor pockets when they absorb too much moisture. Your vehicle’s brakes get less effective as a result of these air pockets, and the brake pedal feels soft when you press it.

4. The ABS Light Turns On

If your ABS dashboard light is on, there is a problem with your anti-lock braking system. To prevent skidding and maintain traction, this system prevents the wheels from locking up while braking. ABS automatically kicks in when brake fluid is low to maintain vehicle safety.

Your Brake Fluid Service in Sacramento, CA

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