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Looking For A Thorough Brake and Lamp Inspection Near Me?

One way to ensure that your car is safe for driving is to inspect all parts of the vehicle. The brakes and lamps are where you always start. When you step on the brakes, your car should slowly stop, and the brake lamps will light to tell other drivers that you’re slowing down.

A brake and lamp inspection must never be overlooked. If you’re searching for “brake and lamp inspection near me” on the internet, you would see that A Auto Care will pop up as one of the highest ranked results.

It’s important to check your brakes and lights. This is why we offer brake and lamp inspections along with other repair and maintenance services around Sacramento and Rancho Cordova.

Thorough Brake and Lamp Inspection Near Me

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The major importance of this inspection is to ensure safety. If you have good brakes and brake lamps, you’re safe from a lot of trouble. Like any other car part, brake pads and lamps can only last for a certain period of time or distance. Pads can fail within 20,000 to 50,000 miles while lamps can go out anytime.

Aside from safety, regular inspection of these parts will also help you avoid expensive repair costs if you ever encounter an accident. Fortunately, you can easily protect yourself and your car by letting us inspect it.

A Auto Care is a reputable repair shop. We’ve been doing repairs and maintenance on different types of vehicles for a long time. We offer warranty and high-quality services to make sure your car is in top shape. Drive your car to A Auto Care in Sacramento or Rancho Cordova to stay safe.

How Often Should Your Brake and Lamp Be Inspected?

It’s ideal to have your brakes and lamps inspected once every six months. Most people go for inspection at the same time they get their tires rotated to avoid forgetting about it. However, if you can’t remember the last time a professional checked your braking system, it’s best to arrange an appointment as soon as possible.

Moreover, depending on how you drive and how much traffic you endure, you might need more frequent inspections. This is why it’s also important to pay attention to the current status of your braking system. Don’t worry, every time you come to A Auto care, your brakes and lamps will always be checked by professionals.

Signs For Inspection of Your Brakes and Lamp

Here are some indications that you need to have your brake and lamp checked:
  • Vibration: When there are steering wheel vibrations while you’re going down hills or braking at higher speeds, it’s a sign that your brakes should be examined. These pulsations are the results of rotors being warped or damaged. The more you drive in brake-heavy conditions, like driving down steep hills, the more often you need to have your brakes inspected. 
  • Reduced Responsiveness or Pulling: Reduced responsiveness is one of the first major signs that your brakes are failing. This means that it requires more pressure application on the pedal just to achieve the same effect. Another indication is when your car pulls slightly to one side whenever you step on the brakes. 

           When these happen, it’s crucial that you bring your car in for a thorough inspection because they’ll only get worse over time and can even lead to life-threatening driving situations. 

  • Loud Noises: If you notice or hear any growling or grinding sounds when pressing on the brake, this can mean that your brake pads have worn out or are currently failing. These sounds are often results of the metal from the worn-out brake grinds against the other components of the car, thus damaging the rotors. Surely, driving in this condition is a serious safety concern. 
  • Lights On: A sign that your lamp is failing is when the warning light continues to stay on even after using it. This isn’t good because it will confuse other drivers on the road. 

Your Quality Brake and Lamp Inspection Shop

A Auto Care has been examining and assessing various car components for over 35 years. We’re skillful enough to inspect what’s wrong with your braking system and repair them if necessary.
Here are more reasons why you should come to us for inspection:
  • Offer Brake Pad Replacement
  • Experienced in Handling Foreign and Domestic Vehicles
  • Good Reputation
  • Good prices
  • ASE Certification
  • Free Visual Inspection
  • Free Check Engine Light Diagnosis with scheduled appointment!
It’s our mission to provide quality repair and maintenance services to help you save money while staying safe on the road! Call us for any of your maintenance needs.