Why is my car AC not blowing cold


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At some point, everyone has experienced their car air conditioning not blowing cold air.

This can be especially troublesome when your cars AC is not working and you live in a hot summer climate like Sacramento or Rancho Cordova California.

There are many reasons for your cars air conditioning system to malfunction. 

Your cars AC system is a closed loop unit consisting of a condenser, compressor and evaporator. This system in constantly under pressure, which when leaks occur, cause your air conditioner to not work and not blow cold air.

Most common reason for your car ac to blow warm air is a leak.

This leak can be a large leak caused by a damaged condenser for example or a small leak at the compressor. Most common reason for your cars AC to not blow cold air is because the leak has caused enough refrigerant to escape, making the system inoperable. With the ac system not working as it should and since it’s a hot day outside, the cars air conditioner blows hot air instead of cold. 

Less common reasons for car AC not blowing cold air:

  • Broken fuse or relay
  • Damaged compressor,
  • Damaged Evaporator or heater core
  • Damaged expansion valve
  • If the fan belt that runs the AC compressor breaks, your AC system will no longer work until the belt is replaced. 
  • Overfilling the AC system with refrigerant can even cause the system to not work and not blow cold.

why is my car air conditioner leaking?

The two most common AC leaks are at the condenser or compressor.

    1. The condenser is a radiator like the engine coolant radiator. Its location is right in front of the engine coolant radiator.
      And just like your engine radiator, the condenser radiator is susceptible to wear and tear. Wind and debris can clog and reduce its effectiveness. The fins on the AC condenser are thin and when damaged can leak refrigerant.

    2. The compressor is what forces the refrigerant through the ac system. On most car systems it is attached by a low side connection hose and high side connection hose. Compressor leaks can generate at these port locations or even through the body of the compressor itself.

TIP: You should check your car's A/C system BEFORE hot weather arrives to make sure it is working properly and blowing cold.

How to check for car ac leak

Checking a cars refrigerant pressures is the first step to diagnosing your cars air conditioning system especially when your cars AC is blowing hot not cold air.

Two tools can be used to check for a car AC leak.
Most cars AC systems like Toyota, BMW or Chevy will have a hose high pressure side port and a hose lower pressure side port. At these two ports you can attach AC gauges.

  1. AC gauges tell you if the system pressures are in normal range, over-pressurized, or under-pressurized. Once you know the current pressures you can use a leak detector to find leaks.
  2. A leak detector senses leaking Freon/refrigerant from the system. It’s a wand looking device which can locate leaks.

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