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A Auto Care is an automotive repair shop that offers top-notch auto electrical service to car owners in Northern California. Our talented team is equipped to handle auto electrical repair and maintenance on domestic and foreign vehicles of all makes and models. As a family-owned auto repair business, we do our best to achieve customer satisfaction through our professional and honest auto electrical service in Sacramento and other nearby areas.
Read on to learn what auto electrical service is. Discover which vehicle parts cannot function properly without electricity. Familiarize yourself with the common symptoms which indicate that your car needs auto electrical service. Finally, find out why A Auto Care is the ideal choice for you if you are a Sacramento car owner who is searching for “auto electrical near me.”

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Definition of Auto Electrical Service

Auto electrical service is the repair and maintenance of the electrical system of cars and other kinds of vehicles. The fully electrical system is composed of the battery, starting motor, electronic ignition, wiring, generator, and voltage regulator. The latest car models may also feature a computerized engine control system, driver information system, and other electrical components.

Vehicle Parts That Can’t Function Without Electricity

All vehicles need electricity to run, whether they are traditional, electric, or hybrid models. Even if they are fueled by gas, there are essential parts of a car that requires electricity to function correctly:


The battery of the vehicle is the main source of electric energy which powers up the starter motor, ignition system, headlights, and tail lights. You need to have your car battery examined by A Auto Care to confirm if you need battery repair, replacement, or charging. We can also install a new battery and recycle your old one if necessary.

Starter Motor

The starter motor is responsible for rotating the internal combustion engine to jump-start its operation. The three types of starter motors are hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric. Since your car will not start without it, you must get your starter motor checked by our team in case you encounter issues related to it.


The alternator is an electric generator that transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy. It provides energy to the electrical system of the vehicle while the engine is running. You should have your alternator repaired or replaced by A Auto Care in case it is not functioning well.


Fuses safeguard the electrical components of a vehicle from too much electrical energy to prevent damage. A fuse will cut off the circuit in case a surplus of electricity flows through it. Our team can replace the fuses of your car in case they get overloaded by electricity.


The lights of the vehicle enable you to drive your car even during nighttime and in other dim or overcast environments. The lighting system is powered by electricity, including headlights, tail lights, brake lights, reverse lights, turn signals, and fog lights. It improves visibility so that you can see your surroundings while you are driving. At the same time, it allows other motorists to be aware of your presence on the road. That’s why you should call A Auto Care immediately if one or more of your lights go out.

Common Symptoms of Vehicles That Need Auto Electrical Service in Sacramento

There are basic symptoms that cars exhibit to indicate that you already need to start searching for “auto electrical near me” in Sacramento. The most obvious symptom is that your car engine won’t start immediately. Another sign is that you are experiencing trouble with your battery. Other common symptoms of auto electrical trouble are problems with the lighting system and fuses. Aside from this, the odor of burning plastic is a serious indicator of auto electrical issues.

Take note that auto electrical issues may differ based on the age and type of vehicle that you own. If you have an older model, it is likely for you to encounter battery trouble. If you own one of the latest vehicles in the market, your car may have a complicated electrical system that is susceptible to various issues.

Either way, we advise that you consult with A Auto Care if you need help figuring out what is wrong with your auto electrical system and what solution is appropriate for your car problem.

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Whether your vehicle is mainly powered by gas or electricity, it still needs electricity to work properly. That’s why it is crucial for car owners and drivers such as yourself to make the right choice if you are looking for “auto electrical near me.”

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