Auto Diagnostics In Racho Cordova
and Sacramento

Auto diagnostics serve to keep your car and all its components running efficiently. Similar to how we get annual checkups to keep our bodies in good health, our car needs regular auto diagnostics to uncover hidden problems within its engine, transmission, and more.

At A Auto Care, we aim to help vehicle owners stay safe while on the road. Our auto diagnostic and repair services are designed to reduce the stress from not knowing what is wrong with your vehicle. 

Car Diagnostics Near Me

How Often Should You Take Your Car for Diagnostic Testing?

The frequency that owners should take their vehicle for an auto diagnostic scan and inspection all depends on their car’s general condition.

If a car is in good condition and still running smoothly, we recommend owners take their vehicle to a trusted auto repair shop for diagnostic testing at least once a year. An annual engine or auto diagnostic scan will help reveal silent problems early on. This allows you to avoid major repairs and greater expenses down the line.

Aside from an annual car checkup, it’s imperative to schedule an appointment with your mechanic for a diagnostic test as soon as possible when you see the Check Engine symbol light up on your dashboard.

Listen to Your Car Warning and Safety Lights

The meanings of vehicle dashboard lights are universal — regardless of whether you drive an American, European, or Japanese car. These safety and warning symbols indicate an issue with your vehicle that may need repair.

Just one of the car’s dashboard lights turning on is a cause for concern. Some of the symbols are not critical warnings. If you are in the Sacramento area, you can schedule a visit with our reliable auto repair specialists for a quick and free vehicle diagnostic scan.

However, other warning lights, like the Check Engine or malfunction indicator lights, require immediate action. A flashing Check Engine symbol means your car has a high-priority problem.

Make sure to pullover carefully right away and call A Auto Care at (916) 638-2700 for assistance.

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What Our Auto Diagnostic Service Includes

All modern vehicles have internal computers that help manage the car’s performance. This computer or onboard diagnostics system (OBD) also detects problems within the engine and other components. 

When the Check Engine symbol lights up, a diagnostic trouble code is sent and stored into your car’s computer. A lit-up Check Engine symbol can be as simple as a loose gas cap or as serious as a transmission or engine operation issue.

Vehicle owners can readily buy automotive OBD code readers and scanners online. However, figuring out exactly what’s wrong with the vehicle and addressing the issue isn’t as easy.

You need in-depth knowledge about the thousands of diagnostic trouble codes for different makes of vehicles. With car diagnostics, it is always best left in the hands of an automotive computer diagnostics expert.

Taking your car to our shop for a vehicle computer diagnostics service eliminates guesswork and research when dealing with a Check Engine warning light. 

Our computer diagnostics service includes the following:

  • Free vehicle diagnostic code scan
  • Visual inspection of the engine and other components
  • Full system analysis
  • Component diagnosis

A Auto Care’s auto diagnostic testing service helps owners figure out exactly what’s wrong with their vehicle. Most importantly, our expert car technicians can immediately start working on fixing the problem after the diagnostic test.

Our auto diagnostic services allow us to thoroughly examine your vehicle and provide an accurate diagnosis of its problems. Using this information, our reliable auto repair specialists can ensure your repairs are done properly and correctly on the first try.

Free Vehicle Diagnostic Code Scan

A Auto Care offers a free vehicle diagnostic code scan service for any Rancho Cordova and Sacramento area car owner. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to gain a better understanding of your vehicle in no more than an hour and a half.

Our technicians will connect your vehicle to our diagnostic code scanners and quickly retrieve the codes that caused the Check Engine warning to light up. Once we know what issues your vehicle is facing, our experienced staff and mechanics will recommend the best solutions and services. 

Auto Diagnostics Near Me

There’s no need to wait for something to trigger the Check Engine symbol to illuminate before scheduling an auto diagnostic and repair service. If you hear or feel anything out of the ordinary while driving, contact our technicians right away.

A Auto Care provides honest, reliable, and high-quality auto diagnostics for vehicle owners in Rancho Cordova and the entire Sacramento area. Call us to request a free auto repair quote today.

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