Don’t get caught this summer in a hot car. Make sure your air conditioning is in top running condition with our A/C service special. Call today to schedule an appointment for FREE visual A/C inspection 916-638-2700

The A/C service special Includes:

  1. Compressor check
  2. Condenser check
  3. Refrigerant Check
  4. Fan check
  5. Expansion valve check
  6. Evaporator check
  7. Belt & hoses check
  8. Leak check
  9. Condenser cleaning
  10. Receiver/dryer check
  11. Add up to 1/2 pound of refrigerant

Is your car A/C not working? Is the air not as cold as it should be? Give us a call today so we can fix your A/C troubles. We understand being in a hot car is not fun. Mention this website discount to get our $59.95 ($150 value) service special.

Tax & shop supplies not Included (additional cost if system completely empty). Price is for most light cars and trucks. Extra fees may apply for vans, motor homes and RV’s. Want faster service? Call to schedule an appointment.
(916) 638-2700.

Why is my car A/C not working?

There are numerous reasons an A/C system can lose its chill. Bring your car to us as soon as you start to notice a decline in your A/C, it could mean the difference between needing a simple repair, or worse, a hefty one.

Many times, diminished A/C quality is due to low refrigerant levels. However, we will inspect your entire A/C system to determine if low refrigerant is the only culprit, and offer cost-effective solutions if we find additional issues. 

Refrigerant check using A/C gauges. 

We do not recommend attempting to “recharge” your A/C yourself with a DIY can from the auto parts store. Adding refrigerant unnecessarily or incorrectly can cause your AC system to malfunction.

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