90K Service

The most popular manufacturers consider a 90k car repair service critical to an automobile’s overall performance. If you time it accordingly, you could prevent costly damages to your car. With help from top Rancho Cordova, Sacramento, CA technicians, you can keep your ride running seamlessly for years to come.

Some people think of the 30/60/90k maintenance as unnecessary add ons, but the truth is they can ensure your safety on the road. This article will discuss two core components of the 90,000 mi service: benefits and inclusions. By the end of this blog, you should understand why it’s essential for all car owners.

Benefits of 90K Service

If you’ve ever purchased a vehicle straight from the dealership, you’ve likely come across the term 30/60/90k maintenance. Most manufacturers throughout the globe recommend three major services during a car’s life occurring every 30,000 miles, and the 90k service is arguably the most critical of all.

No matter what brand your vehicle is, it requires maintenance to run well. Delayed maintenance impacts your car in many ways, from safety risks to invalidated warranties to inefficient fuel use. However, recent routine maintenance statistics reveal 7.9% of consumers have delayed these services.

Some people can’t find the time for such repairs; some find them too expensive, and some wait it out because the repairs they need won’t affect their car’s drivability. However, no matter the situation, it’s best to bring your car in for periodic maintenance.

After all, it’s easier to solve small problems before they turn into catastrophic ones that compromise your safety or your car’s functionality. For instance, replacing your timing belt at 90,000 miles will cost you a few hundred dollars, but the price for a new one can reach well over two thousand dollars.

Never underestimate the power of prevention, especially if the situation involves your vehicle. A 90k service can help you extend your car’s life, retain its value, and keep it under warranty.

90K Car Repair Service Inclusions

Now that you know how crucial 90k car repair service is, it’s time to discuss what you can expect from this maintenance activity. Depending on your particular needs, it could last anywhere between three to five hours.

  • Oil change: This service involves removing used lubricant from the engine and replacing it with new one.
  • Timing belt replacement: Most manufacturers recommend a 90,000 mi check on the belt’s rubber, which can wear down and break.
  • Hose replacement: Hoses usually last several years, but extending their lives may cause leaks and overheats.
  • Battery service: During this activity, professionals inspect, clean, and test batteries, cables, and terminals to prevent corrosion.
  • Brake pad check: This endeavor involves checking the pad’s thickness and ensuring it has enough friction to stop your car when you hit the brakes.
  • Tire rotation: Once in a while, you should change the position of your wheels to prolong their usage.
  • Rotor service: Brake rotors act as a grip for the brake pads and are essential in slowing down the wheels smoothly.
  • Spark plug replacement: Most manufacturers recommend this service every 30,000 mi, so it should be part of your 90k check maintenance.
  • Air filter replacement: This car part prevents dust, dirt, and contaminants from entering your vehicle, making replacement essential.
  • Fluid flush out: The 90,000 mi maintenance includes draining all fluids, including engine oil and coolants.
  • Fluid replacement: If any of your car fluids need replacing, the technicians serving your maintenance needs should do it for you.

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